Florida and California may have banned gay marriage, but it looks like members of the animal kingdom have no qualms with being out of the closet.

"Rainbow Animals," the world's first exhibition on animal homosexuality, will be opening at the Swedish Museum of Natural History on Nov. 8. The exhibit features photos and models of animals that regularly engage in same-sex relations.

The display exposes the activities of many species that engage in homosexual and bisexual behavior (like grey whales! and walruses!) and delves into how sex is used by animals for purposes other than reproduction, such as dominance and masturbation.

But, as Dr. Linda Wolfe of East Carolina University speculated to Live Science, "When it comes down to the bottom, I think it's just for sexual pleasure." (Pun intended, we hope!)

The exhibit suggests that ideas of heterosexuality and homosexuality don't exist in the animal world as they do in ours. For example, male black swan couples have been known to either mate with a female to reproduce or chase heterosexual couples away from their nests and "adopt" the young. Can you see this as the makings of a weird "My Two Dads" episode -- animal-style?