According to some U.K. pollsters, the average romance now lives exactly two years, six months and 25 days. A new survey says that after this point, most couples give up and plummet head-first into the downward spiral of chronic pajama-wearing and protracted battles over the remote control.

Getting Awfully Comfy

A poll of 5,000 British couples who had been married for over a decade revealed that two-thirds of women polled said they no longer made the effort to dress up and look nice for their spouse, while 54 percent no longer bothered wearing makeup (the horror!).

Seven in ten men admitted they frequently left their dirty laundry lying around the house. Even more -- 79 percent -- confessed that they no long bothered putting the toilet seat down.

Partners cuddled more than eight times a day during the first year of marriage, but that shot down to five or fewer times daily after ten years. And 60 percent of those surveyed said they hadn't been surprised with a romantic night out since getting hitched.

Does Messiness Equal Maturity?
John Sewell, spokesman for OnePoll, the organization that conducted the survey, says this points to couples being "too comfortable" with one another. But we don't think it necessarily means couples are stuck in a rut -- instead, it's a form of intimacy, as a relationship evolves from the hyper-excited honeymoon phase to a more settled-in partnership.

John Mayer certainly agrees -- his song "Comfortable," an ode to broken-in love, has lyrics like, "I loved you/gray sweat pants, no makeup/so perfect."

It's always challenging for couples to strike a balance between feeling comfortable and taking the other completely for granted. But expecting the googly-eyed phase to last forever is tomfoolery.

Every guy will do something that bothers you -- and vice versa. Knowing that and loving one another anyway is the definition of real, mature love. Read Lemondrop's piece on drawn-out engagements for more expert insight on this.

Tell us! Are things with your guy just a little too cozy? What do you do to keep the romance alive?

Also on Lemondrop ... In our opinion, leaving the toilet seat up is a stand-up comedy cliche, not proof that love is dead. The behavior of these bad boys, however -- cheating, lying and worse -- is off-the-charts unforgiveable.

Hot Bod Cold Heart

    Mario Lopez Who knew that A.C. Slater was such a dirtbag? The buff "Dancing with the Stars" stud reportedly cheated on one ex-girlfriend with a Hooters girl, and his two-week marriage to Ali Landry ended when she learned of his bachelor party antics.

    Barry King,

    Jude Law He may be gorgeous (and who can resist that accent?) but not so hot was his cheating on then-fiancee Sienna Miller with the nanny to his kids. Miller and Law eventually broke up, and her downward rebound spiral led her into the arms of mangy Rhys Ifans.


    Matt Damon Although he has denied it, Minnie Driver says she discovered she was dumped by watching "Oprah. Say what!? The "Sexiest Man Alive" told the talk show host he was no longer dating Driver; Driver claims it was the first she'd heard of their breakup.


    Hugh Grant Who could forget the Hugh Grant scandal that rocked Hollywood in 1995? Grant was pulled over by LA police for lewd conduct with prostitute Divine Brown. Girlfriend Liz Hurley forgave him and even appeared on his arm at the premiere of "Nine Months" days after his arrest.

    Dave Hogan, Getty Images

    David Beckham What is it with married celebrities and the hired help? Although he has always denied it (and ok, so there's no proof), Becks was accused in 2004 of sleeping with then-personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

    Milk Processor's of America

    Chace Crawford We know two things about the "Gossip Girl" boy: He's a total hottie, and he dumped Carrie Underwood via text. US Weekly reported in April 2008 that the pair "mutually" parted ways via cellular phones.

    Mark Von Holden,

    Charlie Sheen Among other lowlights, Sheen 'accidentally' shot ex-fiancee Kelly Preston, spent thousands on madam Heidi Fleiss, and symbolically took a chainsaw to his wedding portrait with Denise Richards. Ew.

    E.J. Camp / CBS

    Ethan Hawke We were sad enough when this brainy babe's artsy-smartsy marriage to Uma Thurman ended. But to then shack up and have a baby with the nanny to his kids with the hot blonde? For shame!

    Mirimax / Everett Collection

    Ryan PhilippeAlthough never officially confirmed, rumors still swirl that Ryan Philippe's divorce from his all-American wife Reese Witherspoon had a little something to do with an on-set affair with actress Abbie Cornish, now his girlfriend. Hmm.

    Frank Masi, Paramount

    MC Harvey This UK recording artist was caught in the act with his wife's good friend. Who caught them? The other woman's then-boyfriend. Now that's some drama, folks.

    Stuart Wilson, Getty Images