Fugitive monkeys take over a local farm: Sounds like an awesome movie, but if it's your property they've decided to invade, it's somewhat less hilarious.

Such was the case for Florida ranch owner Ray Clark, who was baffled by stolen corn and malfunctioning tractors until he discovered he was playing landlord to a few quick-witted patas monkeys. The animals had escaped from Safari Wild, an as-yet-unopened exotic-animal park.

Clark says that when he reported the unwelcome tenants to the authorities, he didn't get much sympathy. "I don't think they believed me," he told reporters.

He installed motion-sensitive cameras and documented the primates' shenanigans (memo to Farmer Clark: YouTube, please!), which finally piqued the interest of the state. The owners of Safari Wild have been formally reprimanded for the situation and were ordered to round up the rogue animals.

Only ten of the fifteen marauders have been captured. But despite the financial annoyance caused by Curious George and friends, Clark's become used to them. "They've kind of made themselves at home," he admitted.

We say: Let the monkeys stay!