We know you're constantly wondering what to do with that extra $5 million you have lying around. Well, you could tuck it into your bra using a cup holder, or buy a whole new bra.

Luckily, Victoria's Secret has come up with a scrumtillescent new bra for you to blow that wad on -- the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra. Covered with 3,575 black diamonds and 117 one-carat white round diamonds -- and offset by two totally unnecessary swingin' 100-carat black diamonds -- the bra is perfect for wearing to the office, the gym or just around the castle when you're feeling sparkly.

Not a fan of black diamonds? Prefer something, oh, say, edible? Or perhaps you'd like a bra that helps you tell the time? Click below for Lemondrop's list of the strangest bras around.

(When you're done, be sure to check out our highbrow older brother Asylum's ridiculous gallery of bras made out of food.)

Most Ridiculous Bras Ever

    Candy Bra: Eating a candy necklace while wearing it = yummy. Eating a candy bra while wearing it = inappropriate. ($9.99, Candymachines.com)

    MJ Kim, Getty Images

    Photovoltaic-Powered Bra: A portable, solar-powered energy generator to charge your iPod or cellphone on? Cool. A refillable water pouch? Also cool. Both those things hanging from your rack? Hmm. We'll certainly give Triumph International of Japan credit for thinking outside the box, though!

    Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP, Getty Images

    Spitball Bra: We don't fully understand what this Lovable bra is made of... but we do know it looks incredibly itchy and impractical.

    Patrick Riviere, Getty Images

    Cheesehead Bras: Combine disturbing Packers loyalty and a little alcohol and what do you get? Cheese-tits.

    Timothy A. Clary/AFP, Getty Images

    Swatch Bra: This watch-face bra, created for a Swatch fashion show in Korea, is a little tricky for those of us with nipples.

    Jung Yeon-Je/AFP, Getty Images

    Valentine's Day Bra: Yes, another itchy bra. And this one -- from a Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day collection -- also looks allergy-inducing. We'll stick with a red bra and undies, thanks.

    Timothy A. Clary/AFP, Getty Images

    Flower Bras: Spotted in a South Korean lingerie fashion show... Not to be worn by those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

    Jung Yeon-Je/AFP, Getty Images

    Lace-up Nightmare Bra: Why not mix things up in the bedroom by forcing your lover to spend hours untying this lingerie set from Chantal Thomass' Victoria's Secret collection?

    Chris Farina/Getty Images

    Veggie Tales Bra: We actually have no problem with this one, worn by a contestant in a recent Jumbo Queen Contest. We're more interested in the annual Thailand pageant, which rewards the woman who most embodies the characteristics of an elephant -- grace, elegance and size. Amazing.

    Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

    Lenin/Stalin Bras: From a "Made in USSR" exhibit in a Moscow museum. Balding ogler sold separately.

    Tatyana Makeyeva/AFP, Getty Images