Reading Cosmo's annual bachelor issue got us thinking of other cute guys from every state. So, good citizens that we are, we culled the vaunted chambers of this fine land to bring you the men who deserve our praise for more than just public service.

Here are 50 hotties from 50 states, plus another well-dressed dude from D.C., all highlighted not for their successes or their policies but for their hotness. We've kept this list to just guys, even though there are plenty of hot lady politicians out there, too. We know it's sort of rude to objectify the vote, but really, isn't that the American way?

Click through to enjoy handsome men from every corner of the country. (OK, we realize not every one of them is George Clooney, these are politicians, and we graded a few of them on a curve.)

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and if we missed anyone!

Objectify the Vote

    51. Louisiana -- David Vitter
    Senator (R)
    This good ol' boy is politically conservative. Old-school values, buttoned-up charm -- we give!

    50. Alabama -- Walter Maddox
    Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Ala. (R)
    This former varsity football player from the University of Alabama still runs marathons, quite possibly with that big, ready-to-shake-hands-with-all-my-constituents grin on his face the whole time.

    49. South Dakota -- Justin Davis
    State House of Representatives (R)
    This baby-faced farmer still lives in Ipswich, where he was born and raised. You know you're adorable when your official headshot could pass as your high-school yearbook pic.

    48. Nebraska -- Mike Flood
    State House of Representatives (R)
    He may rep for a landlocked state, but this guy's passionate about -- wait for it -- seals. (At least according to the always-accurate Wikipedia.)

    47. Utah -- Scott Ericson
    Brigham City Council Member (R)
    Ericson must have loved his undergrad years: He went to two colleges, got two bachelor's degrees and met and married his wife Karen.

    46. Arizona -- Ed Ableser
    State House of Representatives (D)
    Ableser proposed an amendment to lower the voting age to 16. He advocates for homeless youth and is pursuing a Ph.D. in counseling. He speaks Chinese. He's single. Perfection?

    45. Kansas -- Mark Parkinson
    Lieutenant Governor (D)
    This Republican turned Democrat thought it was the party that changed around him. Consider this (more) interesting turn: His former stepmother was a congressional lobbyist who posed for Playboy.

    44. Delaware -- Charlie Copeland
    State House of Representatives (R)
    This science nerd and varsity baseball player has been married to his high-school sweetheart for 21 years. They've got three dogs and, by the sound of it, a white picket fence.

    43. Wisconsin -- Ron Kind
    House of Representatives (D)
    Kind proved how much he loves baby animals by co-founding the the Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus. Awwww.

    42. Georgia -- Matt Dollar
    State House of Representatives (R)
    Holler at your boy Matt Dollar: He's for tax cuts and education (and he looks like Heath Ledger if you squint).