In what's either an actual trend or an advance warning, New York magazine reports that The Cosby Sweater is making a comeback.

If you're too young to remember The Cos, we're talking chunky-knit sweaters with defining features like nauseating color combos (teal and peach!) and patterns best described with words like "whimsical" or "themed." Neon buttons were frequently incorporated.

This isn't an ironic fashion statement. This is sartorial disorder. By placing The Cosby Sweater in the time-space continuum of Questionable Sweaters, we see that this is the latest in an alarming trend -- a trend of Questionable Sweaters -- that deserves further investigation.

The chronology of Questionable Sweaters

Twin Set:
With matchy-matchy color schemes and the need for words like "shell" and "cardigan," donning a twin set makes wearers look like the type to iron their jeans, argue the difference between "eggshell" and "ecru," and use words like tasteful.

Shrug: Like an appendix, the shrug serves no real purpose -- other than trading the contents of one's wallet for what's basically an expensive decoration for shoulder blades.

Holiday Sweater: These knitted dioramas depicting festive holiday scenes have progressed to the point where it's now possible to buy a sweater that requires a battery pack. If it lights up, has pompoms or tells people, "Season's Greetings!" before you've even opened your mouth, toss it. Please.

Grandpa Cardigan: Why stop here? Break out the mom jeans, throw in some tube socks and call it pretty.

And now, of course, it's The Cosby Sweater. We call it a questionable trend because it begs just that -- a question. We're not sure what we think, so please help us figure it out. Click through this gallery of the season's best throwbacks and let us know what you think -- are the sweaters ugly or amazing? Then, check out more curious trends at Stylelist.

Cosby-esque Sweaters

    Nick & Mo New Kids on the Colorblock Sweater
    Neon colorblock with a deep V, classic. ($64.99, ModCloth)


    Marc by Marc Jacobs Rebecca Sweater
    Just like Grandma used to wear. ($398,

    Knitted Animal Jumper
    Bonus: It's from an English company, so they use charming descriptions like jumper. ($70, Topshop)


    Manoush Blue Stripe Sweater
    The pockets are a great extra touch. ($250, Kitson)


    Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Cat Sweater
    We're suckers for anything animal. ($128, Urban Outfitters)

    Urban Outfitters

    Knitted Harlequin Jumper
    Hypnotizing... hypnotizingly beautiful. ($125, Topshop)


    Mossimo Block Dolman Sleeve Sweater
    Featuring the rare but lovely curving stripe. ($19.99, Target)


    The Charlie Brown Cardigan
    No secrets about who inspired this gem of a sweater. ($59.99, ModCloth)


    Insight Hold On Hoodie
    Such a unique (and beautiful, obviously) color combination. ($89.99, Urban Outfitters)

    Urban Outfitters

    Rainbow Cardigan
    Why pick just one color when you can wear all of them? ($29.80, Forever 21)

    Forever 21