The first time you see her, Sanrio's Hello Kitty is adorable. But when Japan names the fictional character an official tourism ambassador and she becomes a bona fide recording artist, you realize that the weirdness of Hello Kitty has no end. You even start to wonder if she'll welcome you into the great beyond at life's last breath.

Think we're overreacting? Check out our gallery of the world's most bizarre Hello Kitty products -- probably not all officially licensed, unless Sanrio is making a big push to conquer the automatic-weapons market ...

The Weirdest Hello Kitty Products

    Hello Kitty Pet Costume Cute? Creepy? So torn.

    Hello Kitty Maxi Pads This product, along with the fourth horseman, portend the coming apocalypse.

    Hello Kitty Lawnmower Any woman who purchases this has only herself to blame when she gets stuck mowing the lawn.

    Hello Kitty Robot Maid Put this one in the "Who could have possibly wanted a Hello Kitty version of this product?" file.

    Hello Kitty Tarot Cards Kitty predicts a future in which your friends are scared off by your creepy Hello Kitty collection.

    Hello Kitty Sausage Is there anything more adorable than ground-up pig intestines?

    Hello Kitty Microscope Scientists are currently working on a cure for Hello Kitty mania.

    Hello Kitty Power Sander For building your Hello Kitty toolshed, natch.

    Hello Kitty Marriage Certificate Luckily, Keroppi performs divorces.

    Hello Kitty Diet Pills You'll be extra kawaii when you've got the shakes from this off-brand kitty speed.