If you didn't realize it, yesterday was Dictionary Day, named for Noah Webster's birthday in 1758. And while an obvious suggestion for how to spend it would be "bettering our vocabularies," we've chosen instead to snicker at potty talk like the 12-year-old boys we are inside.

So we present this list of words that while innocent in meaning, elicit just as many smirks and giggles from us as they did in grade school. Call us immature; just don't call us fallacious, cause that word makes us laugh.

Lemondrop's Top 15 Words That Sound Dirty (But Aren't)

1. ramrod: He shoved his ramrod up the barrel of the rifle.
2. angina: The boy's mother was diagnosed with acute angina.
3. masticate: I masticated over a hot plate for over an hour last night.
4. coccyx: My coccyx was extremely sore after a long sitting.
5. philatelist: Our mailman is an enthusiastic philatelist.
6. fallacious: Who knew the girl was so often fallacious?
7. Uranus: Uranus is bigger than Earth.
8. organism: He was unsure what the female organism looked like.
9. pianist: The boy happily hugged his pianist, eager to start playing the organ.
10. rectory: The priest spent a lot of his time training boys in the rectory.
11.abreast: He liked to keep himself abreast of developing situations.
12. cockles: She broke his heart, right down to the cockles.
13. seamen: The shipwrecked sailors became so ravenous they were forced to eat their fellow seamen.
14. titular: Barb Wire is a titular character.
15. penalize: The cheerleading squad had to be penalized for their racy photos.