With mandatory cupcake occasions like birthdays, Halloween and Valentine's Day, the American elementary school has a rich tradition of rich frosting. Sadly, yet another town has banned cupcakes and other sweets from its schools.

The poor, deprived children of Neenah, Wisc., have become the latest in a growing number of schools to ban any snacks but the fruit or vegetable variety for sharing with classmates. The school board says the rule is meant to encourage healthy eating choices, but parents argue that banning sweets completely is too extreme and eliminates any "choice" from the matter.

At least it's a win for the kids who have summer birthdays. They won't have to worry about foisting room-temperature cauliflower florets on their classmates. We sincerely hope ranch dressing is not considered a sweet.

Dunno about you, but we need some baked-goods porn after that harrowing news. Scroll through the cute cupcakes below; click here to send us your own, and enjoy!

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