Sparkly little clutches are so five minutes ago: The new hot handbag is hands-free and fits inside your ... bra?

Boobs are the new bags, thanks to the Cleavage Caddy bra insert ($29.95). The lace-covered, pocket-lined caddy is meant to be stuffed down the front of your bra, then filled with your keys, credit cards, money, lipstick, cell phone and whatever else your behind-the-times friends are loading into their purses.

There are plenty of styles to pick from. Functional gals who prefer a more streamlined silhouette might like the Braz-On-Go, which has fewer pockets and no lace. Or, if your purse is still ... developing, the Lil'Budz might be a better fit.

Sure, at first it might be awkward when your boobs start ringing or when paying for lunch requires a reach down your blouse. But remember: It's the trendsetters who always suffer the most for fashion.