8. ShopStyle
This is like one mall filled with all the shopping sites out there. Just type in what you're looking for (say, a black dress) and ShopStyle spits out options ranging from Neiman Marcus to Urban Outfitters. Narrow your hunt by brand, shop, size and price, or bond by creating and comparing stylebooks. (G. Wheels top at left available at Bloomingdales, found on ShopStyle.)

9. $weet $avings
Is your mouth watering yet? This sister site to StyleBakery (where you'll unearth top-notch beauty and fashion advice and trend-savvy product recommendations) is a fabulous resource for online shopping deals and discount codes, all updated weekly.

10. Glimpse.com
Like ShopStyle minus the social aspect, Glimpse.com culls from various online boutiques. On the hunt for ankle boots? The site has over 7,000 pairs to choose from. Click the "local" filter and your search will hone in on styles available at nearby boutiques, complete with a helpful map ... because sometimes, you just need to try 'em on first.

Tell us: Did we leave out your favorite online shopping destination? Let us know where you like to browse and buy!