After the tragic plane wreck Travis Barker and DJ AM survived over the weekend, both Shanna Moakler and Mandy Moore rushed to their respective exes' sides at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Ga.

Both ex-couples were reportedly on good terms already, but certainly the intensity of such a situation brings out the best in your feelings for an ex.

Post-breakup dynamics are often messy -- you wrestle with anger, jealousy and hurt pride while you try to navigate staying on friendly terms. But when one of you has a major crisis, such as losing a parent, being diagnosed with something scary, or surviving a disaster like a fire or flood, you often drop the drama and reach out. The realization that you do care speeds up the process of becoming actual friends.

Of course, the opposite can also happen: If you ignore one another during the time of duress, or fall back into old dysfunctional patterns, it can confirm to you that you two shouldn't be in one another's lives. And sometimes, bad as it sounds, you just can't forgive. You may feel such resentment that you see whatever hardships an ex endures as karma.

So tell us: Has a life-altering experience ever brought you closer to an ex? Or has something stressful been what finally drives a stake into your attempt to be friends?