Remember My Little Pony? Of course you do -- most of us spent a good chunk of our girlhoods brushing their hair and longing for the prettiest ones on the back of the box.

To celebrate the toy's 25th anniversary, Hasbro teamed up with celebs like Courteney Cox and John Stamos and clothing designers (Claw Money's gilded horse is to the left) to create one-of-a-kind collectibles. Bid for the pimped- out ponies until Oct. 2 at Charity Folks. Proceeds go to Give Kids The World Village, a resort for terminally ill kids and their families.

Click through the designs below, and leave a comment telling us which Pony (past or present) is your favorite.

Pimp My Little Pony

    Courteney Cox and David Arquette's design is CBGB's meets Caesar's Palace.

    Back when we were playing with MLPs, pony designer Deborah Gibson was still just Debbie.

    Clothing designer Origami gave this pony some international cachet.

    John Stamos's pony. Uncle Jesse, we never knew ye.

    Stella from "Project Runway" would approve of designer Superdeux's goth rock pony.

    Amy Grant made two awesome things: 1991's "Heart in Motion" and this pretty pony.

    Making this pony was a pain in the butt for designer Jim Hauser.

    Kimora Lee's pony. Obv.

    LeAnn Rimes' pony: a little bit country, a little bit rock'n'roll.

    Clothier Claw Money gilded the pony and added some fab kicks.