Milk Chocolate M&M's Dark Chocolate M&M's

Packaging: Same old brown M&M's bag. Says, "I'm boring but delicious."

Packaging: Purple, the color of royalty and cat ladies. Says, "I'm chocolate. Fancy chocolate."
Calories: 240 per bag, 10 grams fat
Calories: 240 per bag, 11 grams fat
Cost: $1.00 per bag outta the vending machine. Cost: Though attempting be a more upscale brand, a bag of dark M&M's costs the same as the regular.
Appearance: Classic M&M colors. Each bag allegedly contains 24% blue, 14% brown, 16% green, 20% orange, 13% red, and 14% yellow.
Appearance: How do you tell these M&Ms from the regular kind? They're imprinted with the word "dark." Duh.
Taste: Sure, they melt in your mouth. But these taste more like candy than actual chocolate.
Taste: Dark chocolate, on the other hand, retains the bitter flavor of actual chocolate. Classy!

The winner: Dark chocolate. It's bite-sized, but has actual chocolaty flavor!