We may love fashion, but these people took their label love to the next level: They inked their favorite designers, fashion lines and logos onto their bodies ... forever. Talk about brand loyalty!

Enjoy our gallery, then let us know in the comments what copyrighted clothing you like so much that you'd go under the needle for it (you know, if it got you a lifetime supply).

Brand Love: Clothing Label Tattoos

    Lacoste croc Fact: In the 1930s, this reptile marked the first time a logo appeared on the outside of a shirt. Fiction: He's going to want to rock this look forever.


    Converse Chuck Taylor logo No one at the beach will have to wonder what he'd rather have on his feet. Though by the looks of his flesh, he's not spending too much time there anyway.


    Nike swoosh This guy likes Nike. He reeeeaaally likes Nike.


    Chanel C's The most popular label tattoos seem to be the Chanel double C's. Whatever would Coco have said about this?


    Puma brand cat Sneaker aficionado? Big cat fan? Possibly both.

    strong62kenny, Flickr

    Abercrombie & Fitch moose Whoa. We grew up believing that nice guys don the Abercrombie mascot; bad boys get tattoos. With one strategic swatch of ink, this young buck has blown our minds.


    Chanel C's This rad belle's double C's appear to be either on fire or melting. Is that a compliment?


    Louis Vuitton print A Belgian artist anesthetized, then inked these porkers. Brand-name bacon, anyone?


    Nike AirMax C'mon, you've heard the old saying: If you find a pair of comfortable shoes, buy two. And then have it tattooed on you permanently. What, your grandma never said that?


    Betsey Johnson signature rose Love a designer but don't want their actual signature on you? Do like this lady, who borrowed Betsey Johnson's oft-used flower for her shoulder art.


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